Tai Chi Way

Special Classes

Poldark Court

@ Poldark Court Independent Living, Ramsgate.
A weekly class for the residents of Poldark Court and for others. This class comprises a combination of seated, standing and walking exercises, seated relaxation and short periods of meditation.
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Bradstow School
 Broadstairs Adult Education Centre

An ongoing class since 2011, attended by students of Bradstow School, a residential special school based in Kent.

Ageless Thanet
Held at various centres around Thanet
A series of ten classes offered for the over 50s by the charity: Ageless Thanet.

Jan-March 2018: @ Bradstow Court Extra Care Housing Complex,  Broadstairs

Jan – March 2017: The Townley, High St, Ramsgate 

Oct – Dec 2016: @ SPL Workout studio, Turner Street, Ramsgate.

Nov – Dec 2015: @ The Holy Trinity Church hall, Bellevue Rd. Ramsgate.

KAB (Kent Association for the Blind)
Held at the KAB Canterbury Centre:
Half day workshop on 2/11/16
Half day workshop on 4/5/17

Chair-based Tai Chi
Tai Chi and Qigong exercises adapted for use with wheel chair users or when standing is of difficulty.

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